Tan & Sisters is a Spanish company,
founded in 2012, which began with an
idea to launch a new concept of shoe
made from straw, and based on
modern footwear accessories. 

A traditional product made completely
by hand and combined with today’s
fashion, makes for an exclusive and
contemporary product.

 Tan & Sisters color palette is broad,
happy, and full of hues. Bright and
lively colors representative of spring
and summer make their appearance
with natural materials that transform
each piece in a necessary
accessory for this time of year.

 But as night falls, some of these
styles  become more elegant
and sophisticated…


 Traditional materials like jute
and fabric, or elements characteristic
of this type of shoe, such as the laces
and ribbons are treated in a
non-traditional point of view….
but with the same care, love, and craft
of the most experienced artisans.